Hershey's Azalea Farm currently raises about 32 varieties of evergreen azaleas and 3 of deciduous azaleas, all of which are hardy in our area.  In addition we grow Rhododendron, Pieris and Mountain Laurel.

    * The names marked with an asterisk are varieties which were introduced by Hershey's Azalea Farm.  *

                                    Evergreen azaleas:
Hershey Red* - bright red, double flower (hose-in-hose)
Hino Crimson - small bright red flower
Red-Red - intense red, medium flower
Mother's Day - bright red, wide growth habit
Silver Sword - watermelon red, variegated foliage;  may need winter protection in exposed areas

Hot Shot - large red-orange flower
Sandy Hill - small red-orange flower;  sport of Hino Crimson
Holly Hill - medium red-orange flower
Gold Piece* - large red-gold flower, upright growth habit
Ben Morrison- white with dark salmon centers, upright growth habit
Flame Creeper - small red-orange flower, late, dwarf, under 1 ft.
Gillie -  large dark salmon flower,  late, under 3 ft.

Tradition - medium pink, long lasting flower
Chris* - hot pink, spreading habit
Janny* - hot pink, upright habit
Ellie Harris - blush pink
Peggy Ann - small flower, white with salmon pink edge
Nancy of Robin Hill - large ruffled flower, late blooming

Dayspring - upright growth, spring pink, early blooming
Rainbow - medium pink, spreading habit, dark winter foliage
Blaauw's Pink - salmon pink, upright habit
Coral Bells - small coral pink flower, very compact grower
Gumpo Pink - large single flower, late blooming, dwarf, under 1 ft.
Rukizon - small flower, tiny foliage, dwarf, late blooming, under 1 ft.

Karen - medium purple, dense growth
Purple Splendor - dark purple, vigorous growth 
Blue Danube - dark purple, wide growth habit, late blooming
Amoena - intense purple, small flower, upright growth habit
Poukhanenses - lavender, wide, willowy growth habit, early blooming
Madam Butterfly - very pale lavender, vigorous growth
Elsie Lee - ruffled pink-lavender flower, upright growth habit
Fuchia - medium red-purple flower, upright growth habit
Fountain Hill* - lavender, mounded growth habit, semi-dwarf, under 2 ft.


Girard's Kathy - large single flower, fast grower
Delaware Valley White - large single flower,  wide growth habit

Helen Curtis - ruffled, double flower, compact growth
Gumpo White - large, single flower, late blooming,  dwarf, under 1 ft.

                                Deciduous Azaleas:
Yellow Delight - small flower

Gibralter - large flower

Marydel - small pink and white flower, very fragrant

                               Rhododendron varieties:

Roseum Elegans - pink lavender
Purpureum Elegans  - purple
Calsap - white with dark blotch
Catawbiense Album - white
Nova Zembla - burgandy red

Small leaf Rhododendron (PJM type)
P.J.M. - purple
Olga - pink


                                   Mountain Laurel:

Native - white to pale pink
Silver Dollar - white
Sarah - red
Carol - red in bud, pink flower
Nathan Hale - red in bud, pink flower